The purpose of Kayla Weber’s art is simple: to bring color and joy into your home. Her pieces take inspiration from picturesque Bluegrass landscapes, staples of Kentucky’s culture, and horses. She brings her work to life with interesting color palettes, acrylic textures, energetic brushstrokes, and oil pastels. Her story is the perfect example of the American dream. Kayla took her love and passion for painting and began selling work from her home. Today she sells her pieces in a thriving brick and mortar location, and in retailers like Anthropoligie and Keeneland Mercantile. 

Kayla Weber
Kayla Weber Art
Kayla Weber Art
Kayla Weber Art


Keeneland Mercantile proudly partners with artists and artisans around the country. These are individuals who spend thousands of hours honing their craft and pursuing their passions, people like Kayla Weber.

From a young age, Kayla Weber loved to create, draw, and paint. That love continued to grow, and while studying abroad in Florence, Italy, Kayla realized it was her passion. She switched her major to art education and began teaching art to elementary students. During the day she would teach, and by night she would create custom paintings for friends, family, and customers. Her work consisted of horse racing scenes, rolling Kentucky landscapes, equine-inspired paintings, and bourbon art.

The purpose of Kayla Weber’s art is simple. “I hope that my artwork reminds them of their beautiful Kentucky home,” said Kayla. “I hope it brings them joy every time they walk past it in their home.”

Kentucky is a point of pride for Kayla. She’s passionate about showing its gorgeous landscape and unique culture through her work. “Kentucky is definitely one of the most underrated states,” said Kayla. “I love showing the beauty of the Bluegrass.”

“I find so much joy in interesting color palettes, thick acrylic textures, and I love showing movement within my paintings through energetic brushstrokes, quick marks made with oil pastels, and colorful abstraction.” 

By 2018, her business was growing at a rapid rate. Kayla had a decision to make—she decided to take the plunge and pursue her art full time. Previously Kayla had been working out of her home studio, but she knew that she needed more space.

Kayla moved into an office at her parents’ business, but it wouldn’t take long for her to outgrow that space too—so she decided to build a studio on the grounds. Like many artists, Kayla’s studio is as important to her process as anything else. Her two-story studio has plenty of natural light and windows. Most importantly, it gives Kayla the space she needs to work on her art, teach workshops, and sell her pieces.

When staring at a blank canvas, Kayla can envision what she wants to paint. But she also envisions what each piece might look like in your home. “I have always loved interior design,” said Kayla. “So I focus on creating prints, decor, and art that [complete] your home and help pull it all together.” The decision to build her studio was a fruitful one. Kayla Weber Art continued to thrive, so much so that Kayla decided to take another leap of faith—a brick and mortar location. This too would prove to be a smart decision, as she’s already thinking about expanding.

At Keeneland Mercantile, we know that art is subjective, but there’s no denying the power that it has. When asked about her work has taught her, here’s what Kayla had to say: “My craft has taught me that change and growth is always good. I am constantly evolving and changing and that is the beauty of life and art. It can be so many things to so many people, but what’s so amazing about what I do is that I don’t have to box myself in to one thing.”

In many ways, Kayla’s story is the perfect example of the American Dream—and exactly what Keeneland Mercantile stands for. She not only had the courage to pursue her passion, but she’s managed to turn it into a thriving business. “I am just very grateful to be doing what I love, and that my artwork resonates with so many people. “It is truly a gift to wake up every morning and get to do what I am passionate about.”