Clayton & Crume
The Original Glass Flask | $125
Louisville, Kentucky | Claytonandcrume.com

Clayton & Crume was founded on the simple idea that all leather goods should last a lifetime. And to make sure that happens, founder TK says these “good ‘ole Kentucky guys and gals” stitch every thread, dye every edge, and produce every product by hand in their Louisville workshop. 

The Original Glass Flask design was inspired by iconic bourbon distilleries. “Cheap metal flasks ruin perfectly crafted Kentucky Bourbon, so we decided to fix it,” TK says. Glass was the solution.

Clayton & Crume Flask

Southern Pine Swing Company - 2022 OVERALL WINNER
42 Twin Tree Swing (Double Swing) | $180
Jacksonville, Florida | Southernpineswingcompany.com

At 23, Zac West left his hometown and moved to Cashiers, North Carolina for his dream-girl-now-wife—she had a house there that they still own today. From Cashiers, the couple moved to East Africa. “Africa absolutely changed our lives,” West says. “It’s where our adoption story started.” They brought their daughter, Zara, home from an orphanage in Tanzania before moving to Jacksonville, Florida where they then adopted twin boys, Joshua and Josiah. Surrounded by Florida’s massive oak trees, West says “it felt like a very natural thing to build tree swings.” And so, he built.

Every swing is different. Every piece of wood has character. Every rope is braided by hand. Even the wood stain is a custom mix that was used on the floors of the West family’s home in Cashiers.

Southern Pine Swing Company

S.R. Blackinton - 2022 PATRONS' PICK WINNER
Hammered Mint Julep Cup | $875
Smithfield, Rhode Island | Srblackinton.com 

As a fifth-generation silversmith, Susanne Juaire is carrying on a tradition that began with her great-great-grandfather in 1862. The Derby trophy has been in her family since 1975, starting with New England Sterling (her father's company) and her mentor was the silversmith. S.R. Blackinton became the sole providers of the Derby trophy in the early 2000s. 

The Hammered Mint Julep Cup, however, originated by accident after a traditional vessel had been damaged. Instead of scrapping it, they took a jeweler's hammer to it to create the unique texture.

S.R. Blackinton Hammered Mint Julep Cup


Aura At Home Lamps

Aura At Home
Hand-Carved Selenite Lamps | $1,450+
Versailles, Kentucky | Auraathome.com

Brad Bacon, a former woodworker, found his true talents in carefully carving and polishing layers of brittle stone thanks to his wife Barbara. After surviving cancer, she rediscovered a passion for crystals and had the idea to craft one-of-a-kind lamps. She handles the finishing touches like selecting a turn knob—always a precious gemstone in honor of her mother. “Craftsmanship,” they believe, applies not only to products but to life. Barbara says each piece is “a testimony to thriving, following your heart and finding joy in simple things like carving a rock."

Smithey Ironware

Smithey Ironware
Cookware | $80-$325
Charleston, South Carolina | Smithey.com

Isaac Morton was inspired by the superiority of vintage cast iron design when he founded Smithey. The world deserved cookware that lived up to the best,” he says. Smithey’s heirloom-quality pieces are made for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate craftsmanship, and each piece is polished to a mirror-like finish before being triple-seasoned at their shop in an old naval base—the end results are naturally nonstick, easy to clean, and visually stunning.

Terrane Glass

Terrane Glass
No. 12 Rocks Glass | $44
Spruce Pine. North Carolina | Terraneglass.com 

A glass should feel as good in your hand as it looks on the shelf according to Colin O’Reilly, owner and lead gaffer of Terrane Glass, a small production studio specializing in hand-blown barware.

Each glass is gathered, shaped, blown, molded, cut, and polished to exacting specifications. At the right angle, faint signs of the blowing process and slight tool marks can be seen characterizing the textured pattern of their No. 12 Rocks Glass.


Babaloo Jewelry
Venus Dangle | $89
Lexington, Kentucky | Babaloojewelry.com

As a member of the Nez Perce tribe, Almeta Dellagnolo created Babaloo Jewelry to reconnect with her heritage and combine a love of jewelry design with traditional materials. Her Venus Dangle earrings are the manifestation of that desire, expressed through artist-shaped clay and a spray of hand-selected feathers. Dellagnolo says being a one-woman show is an enormous challenge and a fantastic privilege. “As a woman I want everyone to feel welcome in my brand,” the artist says. “As a mother, I want to improve on sustainable practices, and as an Indigenous woman, I want to bring visibility to native arts.”

Babaloo Jewelry

Darren K. Moore Jewelry
Old Friends Pendant | $3,475
Anthem, Arizona | Darrenkmoore.com

Having grown up in Kentucky, it was inevitable that an equine-related element would emerge in whatever artist Darren K. Moore was making. When his father bought a jewelry business in 1976, Moore’s medium of choice shifted from oils and watercolors to precious stones and metals. In 1993, Moore created a series of designs inspired by the experiences racing fans have on the beautiful grounds of Keeneland or Churchill Downs. To this day, The Old Friends pendant embodies all that is precious to the Bluegrass state: tradition, passion, and naturally, thoroughbreds.

Darren K Moore Jewelry

June Baby
Up-Cycled Ruffle Romper | $30+
Grand Rapids, Michigan | June Baby Etsy Shop

By day Rachel Visser is an ER nurse and mother to four young children, by night one would imagine she’s catching up on sleep. Instead, she sews. Five years ago, the frontline worker picked up the skill when her neighbor offered to make leggings for her kids. “I brought over a bottle of wine and had her teach me,” Visser shares. Visser bought a Singer machine the next day and by the powers of wine and YouTube, she mastered the craft. 

June Baby started exclusively with soft, environmentally friendly bamboo fabrics. In 2019, her father-in-law joked about using clothing that was already in landfills if she really wanted to be eco-friendly. “I chewed on that for a while,” Visser says. Today, her baby clothing is exclusively designed from upcycled or discarded textiles. Each one-of-a-kind item has a story to tell.

June Baby Up-Cycled Romper



Alcohol Infusion Kits | $18
Grandville, Michigan | InBooze.com

After hearing many home bartending mishaps and struggles with complex recipes, it finally clicked for long-time food blogger Ashleigh Evans. “Make fun infusions for people at home!” From her own kitchen, the InBooze founder started dehydrating everything in sight. Every fruit, vegetable, spice, and herb is sourced, sliced, and dried in-house to create tea-bag-style infusions kits.

 Her business blew up in 2020 when drinking at home became a common pastime. As well as being on Oprah's stocking stuffer list!


Cucumber Aloe Margarita Mix | $16
Louisville, Kentucky | Drinkmodica.com 

In 2020, Modica was introduced as the world’s first Superfood Cocktail Mix.

Whether you’re in the mood for something bright, earthy, tart, or spicy, these mixers are fortified with bold, nutrient-packed ingredients that take the guilt out of indulging. Modica comes from modicum, which is a small amount of a great thing.  “We think you can enjoy everything in moderation,” owners JD Mitchell & Eric Wentworth say. “Including cocktails.”

Piper & Leaf Tea Company

Piper & Leaf Tea Company
Briar Patch Brew | $12
Lacey's Spring, Alabama | Piperandleaf.com

Straight from the farm, field, or patch, every Piper and Leaf blend is made with locally-sourced ingredients. The Briar Patch Brew is a gourmet tisane straight from the forests of Lacey’s Springs. The mixture is packed with real fruit and is complemented by hibiscus, sage, and lemongrass. These foragers brave the berry brambles of Northern Alabama for front-porch-worthy sips, so you don’t have to.

 The Alabama-based tea company focuses on healthy, high-quality teas made with real ingredients enjoyed year-round.