Dark Arts French Bourbon Whiskey



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Description of Dark Arts French Bourbon Whiskey

3 barrel small batch blends (all numbered sequentially)
Blends vary 6-8 Years of Age
Always bottled at 108 proof
600 - 750 Bottles average batch yield
60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% malted barley
Originally distilled in Indiana, Finished, blended and bottled in Lexington, KY
Each blend is unique

Tasting Notes
Upon first nosing, you’ll be greeted by the enticing fragrance of spiced caramel, enticing you to take a closer sniff. Accompanied by the delightful aroma of ripe red fruits and crisp apples, the scents intermingle and create a harmonious bouquet reminiscent of a delicious funnel cake.

On the palate, prepare for a delightful experience as sweet raspberry flavors take center stage, complemented by the savory notes of toasted oak. As the taste lingers, you’ll discover subtle hints of tres leche, evoking thoughts of a creamy and indulgent dessert, accentuated by a touch of cinnamon spice.

As the experience comes to its conclusion, you’ll appreciate the creamy mouthfeel that emerges. The flavors evolve, revealing a complex array of sensations, ranging from sweet toffee to velvety vanilla cream. A subtle hint of cold smoke adds an intriguing layer to this enticing finale.

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